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PSST stands for Parenting Skills, Support & Tools. There has been an unmet need for parenting groups for the last several years. In response to this, GroupWorks has developed our PSST series. The goal of this series is to offer parenting skills training and therapeutic processing across several topics, ranging from very basic skills to more advanced. The first group in the series targets parents of children 10 years old and younger. The 6-week course outline is attached. Group skills advance from there and will include topics regarding children as they move through adolescence.


ROAR stands for Rising Over Abuse & Rape. This group is for adult survivors of sexual abuse and/or assault. This population, when healed, has a much better chance of providing the necessary safety to children in the prevention of abuse. This group addresses various components of being a survivor. Discussions topics include trusting, self-esteem, coping with strong emotions, relationships, and intimacy.

Communication Skills for Teens

Communication Skills for Teens targets the Protective Factors over the course of 8 weeks with young males and females in 6-8th grade. With topics including Confidence, Boundaries, Sexual communication, Giving and receiving consent, Assertiveness training, the four types of Expression, and Making and maintaining healthy friendships, the initial group members asked for further sessions to increase their skills.

This group begins with a family group psychotherapy session that invites parents to be active and involved in the content of the group. This group’s popularity with tweens only reinforces our efforts to get this much-needed information out to young persons, thereby protecting them from involvement with unhealthy relationships.

Group therapy is a shared therapeutic experience that involves the presence of a trained professional and others who are working through similar issues. This collaborative form of healing can focus on interpersonal relationships or on particular concerns shared by group members. There are numerous psychological and emotional issues that are treated in group therapy,
ranging from addiction and abuse to anxiety and depression.

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