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Cristin Evans


Cristin Evans is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, in the process of becoming a Licensed Independent Social Worker. Along with her undergraduate social work degree, she obtained a substance use disorder certificate from Bemidji State University in 2012. Cristin has provided services as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor since February 2014. She has been an advocate, volunteer, mentor, and community educator, enhancing intervention and prevention in communities where she works and lives. Cristin continued her education, to enhance her abilities to help others. She attained her Master of Social Work from University of North Dakota in May 2022.

Cristin’s passion is to help children and young adults suffering from mental illness and addiction issues. She takes an interest in family relationships and how each member of the family and the family system are affected by trauma, mental illness, addiction, and life stress. Cristin takes a strength-based client centered approach and provides evidence-based interventions to address clients and their specialized needs.

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Cristin Evans
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