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Mental health & COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, there has been an increased need for mental health services. We understand things have been tough these last few months. GroupWorks wants you to know we offer confidential help & support within the following difficulties:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia / too much sleep

  • Grief

  • Trauma / retraumatization

  • Excessive worry

  • Extreme changes in appetite

  • Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

  • Worsening of chronic health problems

  • Hopelessness

  • Lack of motivation

  • Family conflict

  • Finance troubles

  • and many other life problems...

GroupWorks offers telehealth services so you can meet with your therapist

from the safety of your home.


Additional measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our community is: 

  • Continued discussion with clients around the critical need for social distancing, hand washing, and the recognition of symptoms. 

  • Educating staff and the people we work with about COVID-19 and its symptoms (fever, dry cough, breathing problems, and more). 

  • Maintaining clean facilities with frequent disinfecting on commonly touched surfaces like desks, door handles, light switches, and more. 

  • Asking staff who are experiencing symptoms of illness to seek medical advice, stay home, and remain in contact with their supervisor. 

  • Practicing social distancing amongst staff members on a daily basis. 

  • Allowing clients to check-in for their appointment and wait in their vehicles if they are more comfortable.  

  • Exiting some clients through side doors to reduce the proximity to other clients and higher traffic areas. 

  • Arranging for Telehealth appointments to reduce risk factors when necessary. This is a conversation to have with your clinician. 

  • GroupWorks understands that during a crisis such as COVID-19, many in our community are vulnerable to losing access to many services, from basic necessities, to contact with their clinician. Our goal is to do our best to minimize the interruption of your health care services while maintaining adherence to the guidelines set out by the experts in the field of pandemics. 

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