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Children Ages 0-5

Why would someone need a 0-5 assessment? 

A 0-5 assessment process aims to prevent, diagnose, and manage mental health challenges in young children by recognizing and explaining conditions of mental health and behavioral disorders, as well as paving the way to successful prevention methods.


What is a 0-5 assessment?

A 0-5 assessment is a developmentally focused method for diagnosing mental health and behavioral disorders in children from ages 0-5. The evaluation process involves assessing developmental challenges in young children, as well as how interactions and environmental conditions contribute to the child's social and emotional well-being and developmental growth. 


Where does a 0-5 assessment start? 

The first step toward seeking treatment is an early childhood diagnostic assessment. The diagnostic interview will include the child, his or her parent(s), siblings, friends, teachers, and others as appropriate. A relationship evaluation for the child and relevant caregivers may also be used in the Diagnostic Assessment. This will help decide whether or not there is a need for changes or enhancements in the parent-child relationship, which is critical for a child's growth and progress in life. In order to make an accurate evaluation, the child will be observed and assessed in a variety of environments. 


What is the diagnostic assessment for?

The Diagnostic Assessment will identify the treatments that are appropriate and provide a focus for therapeutic goals. Services should start from this stage, with an emphasis on clear and realistic expectations for the child and family.

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