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Dawn Pappas


Graduating with honors in 2000 with her Master of Social Work, Dawn moved to the Park Rapids area with her young family, seeking the benefits of small-town lake living. She gained valuable experience at the community mental health center in town, and went on to manage the Park Rapids office along with her full-time clinical practice.
Dawn has been a business owner since 2010. GroupWorks represents the culmination of her work and training, with a focus on helping people realize comprehensive changes in the way they think, behave and feel, both inwardly and outwardly. With a focus on self-awareness and the person’s physiology, Dawn is able to educate clients on specific strategies to notice, observe and ultimately change their responses to stress. Her practice consists of children 10 and up, teens, adults, couples and families. She treats a wide array of conditions including anxiety, chronic pain, inattention, depression, PTSD, trauma, life stress and sleep problems. She works collaboratively with your physician and others to assure positive outcomes. She has specialized training in breathwork, peripheral biofeedback and neurofeedback, all of which she integrates into talk therapy sessions. Dawn is a hands-on therapist, providing clients with feedback and assistance with problem-solving. Her clients find her active in their attempts to make positive changes, whether it be brainstorming after a setback or cheering them on for progress made.

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Dawn Pappas
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